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Spelling mistakes on Signboards or milestones installed on Kolkata Road raised controversy – News18 Bangla


Venkateswara Lahiri

Kolkata: From ‘Goriya’ to ‘Kolkata’. Or ‘bypass’. Or ‘gate’. All spellings are incorrect. All these forgotten paths along the Khas EM Bypass are West Bengal News. Bypass spelling ‘BAIPAS’ written in English, Goria spelling Goria, spelling ‘GET’ of Ramakrishna Mission ‘Gate’, many such forgotten spellings. Spelling Mistakes On Road Milestone

Bypassing the KMDA on the life line bypass of the city, the bypass spelling is correct but the bypass spelling is ‘BAIPAS’ somewhere in the vast area of ​​Rajpur Sonarpur city. Spell ‘G O R I’ somewhere. Also noticed on Dhalai Bridge, Kolkata spelling Mistakes On Road Milestone is wrong, ‘Kolkata’. Absolute ha-ya-ba-ra-l of spelling.

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The last area of ​​Kolkata Municipality is after the construction of Dhalai Bridge in Goria area of ​​South Kolkata. Beginning Rajpur-Sonarpur Municipality. One after another boards were set up there to give directions on behalf of the Public Works Department. Milestone. That is the scattering of misspellings. What is Bengali, what is English. Goriya Main Road, Pratapgarh, Tentultala Narendrapur, Kamalgazi are all the same picture. Even the welcome board in the Kolkata police area. The spelling is also wrong. According to the locals, it would be a matter of great concern if such a fatal mistake was made by the government-initiated board itself. We want to remove the forgotten spelling immediately and put a new board.

Recently, there was an uproar over a student mispronouncing ‘Umbrella’ in front of a television camera (West Bengal News). Joking, his condition is practically in one room due to the push of mascara. The family claimed that the student had tried to commit suicide three times. When there is such a commotion around a spelling mistake, then there is a scattering of misspellings in the streets of Khas capital! Who is responsible for this? Nazrul Ali Mandal, Acting Chairman-in-Council of the Rajpur Sonarpur Municipality Public Works Department in the area where the incident took place, said, “It really shouldn’t have happened. We should have been more cautious. .

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Knowing the issue from News Eighteen Bangla, Pabitra Sarkar, an educationist, said, “There should be a special committee in the case of spelling or board. After examining all the aspects of that committee, such guideline board should be set up in public. It should be amended. The message will go. There must be an organization or a committee. Those who will monitor the spelling. It is not right for the government to move after being shown in the media. ” Road like EM bypass. Board next to it. What is wrong with the spelling? Who will take the responsibility? Many questions (West Bengal News).

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