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SSC: Are all the training certificates correct for SSC recruitment? Excitement with the new turn!


#Kolkata: The depth of SSC corruption is increasing? At least that is what the source news indicates. Various levels of corruption allegations have begun to surface. New information regarding training certificate is coming to the fore this time after the job by submitting expired OMR sheet. Following the May 16 order of a division bench of Justice Subrata Talukder, a new twist is being added towards the CBI probe. After 2 weeks, many steps have been added in that CBI investigation. Along with the bug committee’s investigation report, a lot of new information has come to the hands of the CBI.

The CBI had information about more than a thousand illegal recruitments. Job without applying for the exam. There have also been reports of many schools being forced to join the bogus recruitment process. In addition to sealing the SSC digital data room, some new information comes to them from the search.

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On Wednesday, CBI officers again reached the SSC office in search of new information. According to sources, one of the reasons for the CBI’s search operation on Wednesday was to verify the new corruption information provided by the plaintiffs. The High Court wants to know two things from the CBI in the SSC recruitment corruption probe, who are the influential people behind the illegal recruitment. The search for the invisible hand. On the other hand, millions of rupees in bribes have somehow reached. Who are the beneficiaries of that money? Mystery of financial crime.

Apart from this, Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay clarified his observation that the real truth will come out only if the CBI interrogates him in custody. The CBI’s investigation has so far found no similarities with the judge’s observations. Again, the CBI may be the first to estimate the extent of illegal recruitment and millions of bribes. So just keep collecting information. Lawyers for the plaintiffs, Sudipta Dasgupta, Firdaus Shamim and Vikram Bandopadhyay, said: Therefore, the CBI should put more emphasis on the investigation of recruitment corruption by overcoming the staff crisis. In the first phase, the state minister for education and the former education minister were interrogated for two days in a row. Apart from this, not much speed has been noticed in the activities of CBI.

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On June 10, the Central Investigation Agency will have to submit a progress report on recruitment corruption to the court. Many of the plaintiffs think that various changes may take place in the next seven days of SSC investigation. Babita Sarkar, one of the litigants in the ministerial appointment case, will appear before the Nizam on Thursday. With documents. Post-poll violence, Hanskhali, Bogtui, Jhalda investigations as well as SSC recruitment corruption are now the biggest headaches to the Central Investigation Agency. In the words of the division bench, ‘mass corruption’ in SSC, where the whole country is watching.

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