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SSC: CBI in SP Sinha’s house in SSC case! Will the mystery be unraveled?


#Kolkata: This time the CBI team in the SSC case at the house of Advisory Committee Convener Shanti Prasad Sinha. On Thursday, five members of the CBI team searched and questioned the family members. A CBI team, including a female officer, conducted a lengthy search of Shanti Prasad’s house.

The CBI reached 3C in a three-storey flat in Survey Park. The CBI has already taken over the investigation under the direction of the High Court. But the judge was disappointed with the progress of the investigation in the last seven months and commented on the CBI’s actions. This time the CBI is active. The search has been going on in two places since morning. Complaints in SSC, less qualified people have got jobs in exchange for money. In this case, how was the illegal financial transaction? Was there any role in it? Where are the luxury flats, home properties? His source of income was questioned.

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Where is the property? The CBI had summoned Shanti Prasad several times in the SSC case. The CBI came out of his flat after questioning and searching for about five hours. CBI officials conducted a continuous search and marathon interrogation from 9:30 am on Thursday.

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On the other hand, in the SSC case, the CBI raided the Board of Secondary Education on the same day. A six-member CBI team goes to the Board of Secondary Education. CBI officials come to the office of the Board of Secondary Education to investigate the recruitment corruption case. According to sources, the CBI team went to the Derozio building in Salt Lake at 9:15 am today to interrogate Kalyanmoy Gangopadhyay, president of the West Bengal Central Board of Education, in connection with the investigation into the recruitment of 289 people at the primary level. However, the CBI questioned Parmita Roy, the admin of the board, as there was no welfare Gangopadhyay. All in all, the CBI is active in the SSC case. The High Court directed the CBI to take immediate action and make progress in the investigation. Since then, the activities of the CBI have increased.

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