#Kolkata: The CBI is now in the process of launching a preliminary inquiry into the SSC Group D case as directed by the High Court. After 3 pm on Wednesday, SSC Group D case documents, documents will be collected by CBI officials from the High Court. Only then will the CBI form a preliminary investigation team.

Meanwhile, high-ranking Delhi officials have sent a copy of the order from the Kolkata office. Details of the case were sent from the Delhi headquarters. According to the CBI, it has also sent a list of possible officers from Kolkata who could be included in the inquiry committee. According to CBI sources, the team will also discuss how an officer will work.

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According to CBI sources, the CBI will seek detailed information from the petitioners after the formation of the committee. Attempts will be made to find out the details of exactly what the allegations are. The CBI will know the details of the role of the concerned department. How much money transactions will verify information about corruption. How was the corruption in some districts? How much did the appointment letter cost? How was the cycle of corruption going on? And that is why the CBI is active. Instructions to form committee under the direction of CBI Director. The High Court directed to form an inquiry committee headed by a Joint Director with a DIG rank officer. A list has been sent to the inquiry committee with which officers of Kolkata this committee will be formed.

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In the Narda case, the High Court had earlier directed the CBI to conduct a preliminary inquiry. He was then asked to register a case to submit the report. The High Court has also directed the CBI to conduct a preliminary inquiry into corruption in the SSC Group D case. The CBI has been directed to file a report in the High Court by December 21.

Arpita Hazra

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