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SSC: Time in hand and 11 days, new twist in SSC corruption investigation! What’s going to happen next …


#Kolkata: New twist in CBI probe into SSC corruption. Subsequent summons of CBI investigators to Nizam Palace. On Monday, the CBI summoned two accused, Anindita Bera and Sabina Yasmin. The central agency is seeking documents from two cases of ninth-tenth grade teacher recruitment corruption and non-teaching staff recruitment corruption. In the next 10 days, the CBI has summoned Babita Sarkar, one of the plaintiffs in the case of appointment of Minister Paresh Adhikari’s daughter.

Babita has been summoned within 8-10 days as Siliguri is home. The CBI started summoning the plaintiffs in compliance with the CRPC. The CBI is speeding up the mystery of recruitment corruption through the School Service Commission. 11 days in hand. In the meantime, the progress report of the investigation has to be submitted to the bench of Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay. The CBI is reluctant to waste any time before submitting the report on June 10.

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আইনজীবীরা Lawyers say it is important to summon the plaintiffs in the CBI investigation. According to lawyer Sudipta Dasgupta, lawyer Firdaus Shamim, Vikram Bandopadhyay, so far CBI interrogation, attendance has all been under the direct direction of the High Court. The CBI interrogation has gained more recognition as the division bench has strengthened the hand of the single bench. Former Education Minister Perth Chatterjee has filed a special leave petition in the Supreme Court. The SLP has not yet been accepted in the apex court due to procedural flaws.

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In this situation, the CBI is trying to build an investigation by recording the documents of illegal recruitment. Out of the total 6 CBI investigations, 2 CBI investigations were directed into Group D recruitment corruption. The two plaintiffs are Sandeep Kumar Prasad and Lakshmi Tunga. Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay directed the CBI probe. According to the report of Justice Bug Committee, 609 illegal appointments have been made. 15 appointments have been made by submitting blank OMR sheets. OMR sheet assessment agency has been changed without board meeting. The CBI directed the appointment of Group C in the case of Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay Sabina Yasmin. The Bug Committee’s investigation report revealed 361 illegal appointments. Of these, 222 jobs without sitting for exams and 180 qualified jobs in the high jump formula. The Bug Committee’s report reveals the equivalence of vacancies and recruitment recommendation positions.

It is alleged that Bengali teachers have been recruited from outside the merit list. Allegation of employing high jump formula in history in Setabuddin case. CBI probe into English teacher recruitment corruption in Anindita Berar case. Abdul Gani Ansari case: CBI probe into math teacher recruitment corruption. A single bench of the high court also observed that SSKM could not take advantage of Woodburn in the case, directing the then education minister Perth Chatterjee to face the CBI. ডি Following the CBI directive, the division bench withdrew the stay order and upheld the path of justice shown by Justice Abhijit Ganguly. ভবিষ্য A division bench of Justices Subrata Talukder and Anand Mukherjee decides the future of the CBI probe order.

The only CBI probe into the appointment of class XI-XII teachers is in Babita Sarkar’s case Ankita Adhikari, daughter of state minister for education Paresh Adhikari, has been accused of illegal recruitment in the case. Sources said that the CBI would issue a notice in accordance with Section 91 of the Criminal Procedure Code seeking documents from all the plaintiffs. The biggest challenge now facing the CBI is to find the documents for the appointment of assistant teachers from the plaintiffs and to find out the corruption in the appointment of teachers. There is no recommendation of any inquiry committee for appointment of teachers of ninth-tenth, eleventh-twelfth classes. The CBI has to find out the criminal offense.

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