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SSKM Hospital: Ghugani as much as you want for 10 rupees, children and adults are free! Ghugani vendor is a long example of humanity in front of SSKM


Kolkata: As you walk along the sidewalk outside PG Hospital (SSKM Hospital) you will see a pigeon seller selling pigeons with a lot of yawning. Quite a funny thing. ” Eat as much as you want for ten rupees. Children and adults eat for free. It won’t cost any money. ” It was seen that a lot of people were standing there and eating happily. Some are eating two plates, while others are eating four plates. Ghugani seller’s name is Mahadev Das

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Why are you feeding for so little money? Asked about that, Mahadev said, “People come to the hospital for treatment and stay hungry due to lack of money.” So Mahadev has made this arrangement while giving their service. He is now sixty-four years old. He said that forty years ago, PG used to sell pigeons in the hospital in the same way. Earlier, Ghugani was sold inside the hospital premises. Later, the administration did not allow him to enter the hospital premises.

He said that he started selling twenty-five paisa plate of Ghugani there. Even then there was ‘stomach fullness’. Now the price is ten rupees. There is still a ‘stomach full’ system.

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How are you feeding this way? Mahadev said, “There is little profit. The family left. I also came here for treatment once and saw how difficult it is for people to come here and eat. It is difficult to eat in it. Since then I have started Ghugani business. They are not the only ones Some children come there hungry and eat for free. Among those who are eating, Rezaul, who came from Bagnan, said, “There is no other place where you can get a full meal in the morning for only ten rupees.

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Not just Rezaul. The same statement of everyone standing there. They applauded the efforts of Mahadev Das.

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