St Pauls Cathedral: Deadly incident at St. Paul’s Cathedral on Christmas morning, Daudau fire young woman’s hair!

#Kolkata: On Christmas day, a young woman was saved from great danger. He came with friends to visit St. Paul’s Cathedral in Calcutta. At the church where visitors come to pay their respects by lighting candles for the Lord Jesus, a girl with open hair walks back to the porch of the burning candle and takes a selfie. In a moment, her hair caught fire. Extreme panic and excitement was created in everyone who was standing next to him. Everyone standing next to him started putting out the fire of hair with sheets and clothes.

The fire was extinguished in a moment. The girl was not harmed. Immediately the security personnel came and took the girl away. St. Paul’s Cathedral has been packed with visitors since yesterday morning. December 25 is Christmas. On this happy day, people flocked to the church grounds. There was a rush to take eye-catching selfies among the elders from Kachikacha among them.

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Not only the girl but a lot of people were coming and taking selfies by the side of the candle porch. When the girl’s hair caught fire, everyone was terrified. That is to say, no one has learned how to take selfies yet. Going to take a selfie, getting cut somewhere in the train, falling somewhere or from a tall building, catching fire in his hair on December 25 reminded me again and again of carelessness.

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However, the church authorities did not show any interest in the matter. However, the girl survived the big accident. He came to visit with his friends. Suddenly this incident happened and everyone was terrified. His companions immediately took him away. However, those who were standing around, without them, the girl’s life could have been lost, many say.

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