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Standing out to work! GPS Surveillance of Kolkata Municipality Vehicles – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Kolkata Municipality is strict in bringing back the work culture in the field work as well. This time the surveillance authority in the car of Kolkata Municipality. During the monsoon season, there are repeated allegations of negligence in cleaning the sewers. GPS will be installed in all the vehicles of the sewage department step by step. You can see who is working and who is sitting in the municipality!

Commissioner Binod Kumar has issued a notice to return the work culture to the offices of Kolkata Municipality. The commissioner also suggested a surprise visit. But 50 percent of the work of the municipality is no longer sitting in the office. Most of the work there is field work. Field workers work in the sewers on the roads. It is often alleged that they get out of the car and sit in a safe shelter, while a class of workers evade work. This time the day is about to end. Where are you going with the municipal car? What are the staff doing? The car is parked! Or is it working? Or going back! Everything will come under the supervision of the Calcutta Municipal Authority. Start with the drainage section. Gradually, Kolkata Municipality is going to start GPS tracking in all departments. Earlier, posters were pasted on the vehicles of the sewage department. Citizens informed the Kolkata Municipality if the car was parked or evaded at work. Year after year, the municipality could not find that conscious citizen. So this time GPS tracking is a tool.

Tarak Singh, mayor of Kolkata’s sewerage department, said there was no response from citizens despite the poster’s appeal. But to increase surveillance, I can see where a car is working from my own room. If necessary, the officials will be able to find out if a vehicle has been in one place for a long time.

The sewage department of Kolkata Municipality has 245 vehicles. Of these, 13 have jet-cum-suction. There are 20 abusive pit mts. 2 jetting machines, 144 manhole desilting machines and 55 power buckets. There are also other cars.

These vehicles basically clean the sewers and remove silt from the sewers. From 2010 to 2015, a total of one lakh 8 thousand 110 metric tons of silt was collected from different roads of the city. From 2015 to 2020, in these five years, silt extraction has gained a lot of momentum. The total siltation work was 8 lakh 99 thousand 109 metric tons. In the last two years, i.e. from 2020 to 2022, three lakh 92 thousand 640 metric tons of silt has been removed. However, there are complaints in various places. The workers of Kolkata Municipality stopped the vehicle unnecessarily while collecting the silt from the sewer. This time it is the decision of Kolkata Municipality to install GPS tracking in cars.

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GPS has been installed in the car. How are those cars being tracked in Kolkata Municipality? For the time being, the image of GPS tracking will be displayed on the LED screen in the house of the Commissioner of Kolkata Municipality, the Mayor of the Municipality and the Mayor of the concerned department. In the same way, the screen of the DG of the concerned department will also have an LED screen to know the status of this GPS tracking. Let’s see how GPS tracking works on that screen. Kolkata Municipality officials are examining the tracking system.

How GPS tracking works.

চার Four different categories will appear on the LED screen.

★ Green means the car is working.

★ Yellow color means the car is moving from one place to another

★ Red means the car is standing

রং No color means the car’s GPS is not on yet.

দেখ As soon as you see the red color, the concerned officials will call the driver or employee’s phone number and ask why the car is standing.

★ GPS tracking report will also be viewed daily along with field report.

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Out of 245 vehicles of the sewerage department, GPS tracking has been installed in 61 vehicles so far. Gradually GPS tracking will be installed in all vehicles. Not only the sewerage department, but also the garbage disposal and drinking water supply-all departments are starting to install GPS in their vehicles.

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