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#Kolkata: The State Election Commission convened an all-party meeting on January 22 to discuss the voting of the remaining 5 municipal corporations. The Commission (West Bengal Municipal Election 2021) is sending letters to all recognized political parties in this regard. The meeting will be held on Monday at 2 pm. The meeting will be held at the State Election Commission office.

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Although no final notification has been issued, the State Election Commission has decided on the voting process of the expired municipalities of the state. They have spoken of holding elections in two phases. In the first phase, the polls of Howrah, Chandannagar, Siliguri, Bidhannagar and Asansol Purnigam (West Bengal Municipal Election 2021) are scheduled to take place on 22nd January. However, the vote of this Howrah Pur Nigam is not possible until the Howrah Bill is signed. This time the State Election Commission has called an all-party meeting on all those issues.

The commission said in an affidavit in the Calcutta High Court this week that the remaining municipal polls would be held on January 22 and February 28. In the first phase, elections will be held on January 22 in Howrah, Chandannagar, Bidhannagar, Siliguri and Asansol Pur Nigam. In the second phase, the remaining 109 municipalities (West Bengal Municipal Election 2021) will go to the polls on February 28. The affidavit mentions the issues that the State Election Commission has kept in mind while fixing the polling day.

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There are secondary and higher secondary examinations in March and April next year. Therefore, the State Election Commission has kept that in mind in deciding the polling day. The State Election Commission has also stated in the affidavit that there will be no shortage of EVMs in the six municipalities where voting was planned in the first phase.

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Probably, after this all-party meeting on Monday, the vote of the Purnigams, i.e. the notification regarding the election on January 22 will be issued. Sources said that the commission officials could hold a press conference after today’s meeting. At the next stage, the commission will issue election notifications for the remaining municipalities. However, the bill relating to the separation of Howrah and Bali municipalities, The Howrah Municipal Corporation (Amendment) 2021, was passed in the winter session of the state assembly, but the governor has not yet signed the bill. As a result, despite the issuance of notification regarding the election of the remaining municipalities, the issue of election of Howrah and Bali municipalities is still in doubt.

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