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#Kolkata: Special guidelines of the State Department of Health (Omicron In Kolkata) have been sent to various large private hospitals and nursing homes in the state. What measures are being taken for the suspicion of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis?

What are the measures being taken by the private hospitals for the admission of people who have been infected with Corona from abroad? How many isolation beds are being kept? Details have been sought from private hospitals and nursing homes. A special virtual meeting of private hospitals with the health department on December 26. How many ventilators do hospitals have in the guidelines? How many ICU beds? What is the arrangement of oxygen? How many bypasses are there? How many specialist doctors, nurses and health workers are there? The details of all the matters have been directed to be reported to the Health Department immediately (Omicron In Kolkata).

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The new species of corona, Omicron, is increasingly threatening. The virus has also spread to Kolkata. The fate of 2 Omicron victims was found in the city on Wednesday. It is learned that a 69-year-old man had returned from Nigeria. He was being treated at a private hospital in Kolkata. Omicron virus was found in his body. On the other hand, a 19-year-old Corona Positive from Alipore came forward, he returned from UK (Omicron In Kolkata) on Sunday. His body showed slight symptoms of corona. He was later admitted to a private hospital. After the corona test, Omicron virus was also found in his body. The state has been in a frenzy since two people were infected with the Omicron virus in a single day. Incidentally, a few days ago, a woman from Britain got excited about the omicron variant of corona. From then on the strictures were started. However, on Wednesday, two doctors were found to be infected with Omicron (Kolkata).

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Last week, the number of Omicron cases in the country exceeded 100. Last Tuesday it crossed 200. The number of Omicron victims in the country reached 356 on Saturday. The Union Health Ministry said in a statement on Friday evening. However, the central government also said that most covid patients in the country are still infected with the delta species of coronavirus. Omicron has not yet been able to occupy the Delta space.

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