#Kolkata: Again, the state health department is taking a tough stance on “referral disease”. Despite taking a tough stance on the referral three weeks ago, the state health department is not giving up. Three weeks ago, the health department had identified some sub-divisional hospitals and super multispeciality hospitals with a referral rate of more than 6 per cent. Police superintendents and CMOHs at the hospital were instructed to take necessary action. After that, although the ‘referral disease’ was much less, it was not completely cured and again the state health department took a tough stance on the referral disease.

The state health department and Nabanna Fer have identified 13 hospitals where the number of patient referrals is still above 6 percent. In that case, CMOH and the concerned hospitals have been instructed to take necessary steps as to why it is not going to be reduced below 6 percent, according to sources.

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According to the Health Department, Bankura Khatra Sub-Divisional Hospital, Mathabhanga Sub-Divisional Hospital, Karshiang Sub-Divisional Hospital, Bauria’s Fort Gloucester State General Hospital, South Howrah State General Hospital, Jalpaiguri’s Mal Sub-Divisional Hospital, Pargana Bangaon Hospital, Naihati Sub-Divisional Hospital, Panihati Sub-Divisional Hospital, Debra Hospital and Vidyasagar State General Hospital.

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According to sources, the state health department has identified these 13 hospitals where the referral rate of patients is still more than 6 percent. Health officials claim that the ‘referral disease’ of the recently issued strict guidelines issued by the health department has been greatly reduced. But the state wants to reduce the referral completely. In this case, the state health department thinks that the pressure on the hospitals will be reduced a lot. Necessary guidelines have been issued by the state health department on what guidelines should be followed to reduce the incidence of referral diseases. After that, the referrals did not go away and the concerned district administrations were instructed to identify the 13 hospitals and take necessary action, according to sources.

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