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State of the art control room in Kolkata Municipality after Nabanna and Lalbazar | Pellai LED screen! City in front of your eyes! State-of-the-art control room in Kolkata Municipality after Nabanna, Lalbazar – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: State-of-the-art control room in Kolkata Municipality after Nabanna and Lalbazar. Pellai size LED screen. Pictures of the city in front of the eyes. Kolkata Police and Municipal CCTV cameras will be connected to the network of this control room. The mayor-co-mayor council (KMC) will be able to deal with disasters in the city by sitting in this control room to deal with natural disasters and disasters.

The modern control room of Kolkata Municipality may be opened in July during the monsoon. There is a sophisticated server in the control room in the style of Nabanna. And to manage this control room, Kolkata Municipality is taking some technicians along with the old workers. Civic volunteers will also be present.

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The existing control room is being replaced with an open door by infrastructural development. In addition to the current staff, there will be 30 more civic volunteers. The goal is to speed up the work of the control room. And this infrastructural development will cost about two crore rupees (Kolkata Municipal Corporation).

Work on the new control room has been going on for some time. How far has that work gone? Pur Commissioner Binod Kumar inspected it on the spot on Wednesday. KEIIP is responsible for building this new control room as a whole. Also, municipal engineers are working here. To coordinate, everyone from the public meeting to the horticulture department and the general administration will be involved with this control room.

Until now, citizens could only complain about their shortcomings by calling the helpline number. Control Room No. 0 33 – 2286-1212 / 1313/1414 of Kolkata Municipality. When calling this number, the control room staff would first register the complaint. The various departments were then asked to take action as per the complaint.

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Computerized sophisticated now you can keep in touch with different departments online while sitting in the control room. As well, at a much faster pace. Work will be done in this control room. 4 LED screens are being installed. Multiple computer monitors (Kolkata Municipal Corporation).

The information that will come up in the blink of an eye in this state-of-the-art control room is …. 1) The whole city traffic update. 2) Water has accumulated in any street of the city. 3) Some pumping stations of the municipality have started discharging stagnant water.

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The municipality has already launched a new WhatsApp number. City dwellers can send pictures of the problem by calling WhatsApp on 8335999111. Citizens will get the solution of the problem in the blink of an eye. And to solve all these problems, all these activities will be conducted from the control room.

If a tree falls somewhere in the city during the current monsoon, you can see its picture directly in the control room, said Firhad Hakim. Kolkata Police cameras will be attached to the city. As a result, pictures of the city will be easily captured on the big screen. The city authorities will take action accordingly. Not just falling trees or collecting water, if necessary, how much traffic is congested on any road in the city on a daily basis, can also be seen sitting in the control room. Accordingly, if any citizen calls, the civil servants will be able to give feedback.

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