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#Kolkata: Panic over Omicron 6 Until December 15, the state government maintained all restrictions related to corona The West Bengal Covid Guidelines also maintain the night curfew from 11pm to 5am. On this day, it has been informed through a notification on behalf of Navanna

The state government has already been warned by the central government to prevent the transmission of the new variant of Corona, Omicron. Warning has also been issued on behalf of the state Guidelines have also been issued to conduct RT PCR tests on arrival in Kolkata from countries with high risk of omikron infection.

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The notification issued by Navanna clearly states that it is not possible to go out between 11pm and 5am unless absolutely necessary.

In addition, the state government has instructed the various offices to abide by the corona rules in a proper manner. It has been instructed to do regular disinfection work inside the office

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The accused have been asked to take strict action against the accused in compliance with the epidemic law and Indian penal code if they do not comply with government restrictions.

In India, no corona patient with Omicron variant has been found so far But the Center and the state government are reluctant to take any risk The central government has already issued guidelines on compliance with Corona restrictions by December 31.

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