#Kolkata: No FIR against former adviser SP Sinha, court orders. SSC chief SP Sinha is currently relieved by the order of the Division Bench (SSC | Calcutta High Court). According to the court order, the CBI will not be able to interrogate him till next Monday. However, the remaining four officials can be questioned. If necessary, the CBI can also file an FIR against the other four, a division bench of the High Court directed.

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Following the directions of the single bench, SSC officer SP Sinha appeared before the division bench on the same day. During the hearing, the judge said that the CBI would not be able to summon SP Sinha till next Monday. No FIR can be filed against him. However, the verdict of the single bench (SSC | Calcutta High Court) is applicable for the other four accused in the case. That means the CBI will be able to interrogate them. If necessary, FIR can be made.

Although there is still no suspension on interrogation. The hearing will be held next Monday in the division bench of Justice Harish Tandon for the SSC Benium (SSC Scam) case. On November 24, a division bench of the Calcutta High Court adjourned the CBI probe into the Group D case and constituted a special committee headed by retired Justice RK Bagh. In that case, the question arises in the hearing whether the CBI (SSC | Calcutta High Court) can be ordered to investigate the same case again? In reply, Justice Soumen Sen said, “The committee is still investigating. The rest of the allegations can be referred to the committee. In this case, there will be two parallel trials.”

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The court observed that the CBI had conducted the interrogation on the instructions of the court. If the CBI received any such information during the interrogation, they could take action on the basis of it. If they did not get the information, they would not file an FIR.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the court took more drastic steps in the SSC corruption case. The salaries of 97 controversial fourth-class workers were ordered to be canceled immediately. These 96 workers will not be able to enter the school. Besides, the court took a tough decision on the SSC advisory committee.

However, the court also said that if anyone other than five members of the committee were involved in the scam, the CBI could summon him, whoever he may be. The report will be submitted by the CBI and the secretary of the education department by next Monday. Shortly after the single bench’s verdict, the division bench relieved SP Sinha.

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