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Still with the fog rescue boat! What are the rowing clubs in Kolkata saying? – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: How much does a petrol-powered rescue boat used while rowing pollute the environment? How eco-friendly is a battery powered boat? The various clubs in the city have now started researching with these questions. Kolkata’s rowing clubs are already in talks with various boat manufacturers.

How much more environmentally friendly than a battery powered rescue boat? Is it eco-friendly at all? The club is currently working hard to find answers to such questions. The price of a 2.5 horse four stroke petrol powered motor rescue boat is one lakh rupees. There, the minimum price of an electric rescue boat with the same features is three lakh rupees.

According to the city’s boat manufacturer, the electric boat is completely environmentally friendly. However, modern petrol-powered boats do not cause much environmental pollution. The more horsepower rescue boats can be taken, the less environmental pollution will be. However, according to environmental experts, where the level of pollution from battery-powered boats at Rabindra Sarovar will be zero, petrol-powered rescue boats will pollute the environment more. However, on behalf of the city’s rowing clubs, ‘We have no objection to the battery-powered rescue boat. Learning from past accidents, we have learned from many people that when an accident occurs, a petrol-powered rescue boat will be able to reach the scene much faster than a battery-powered rescue boat in case of an emergency. This is our priority. However, we will abide by the guidelines given by the administration.

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In the words of environmental experts, ‘It is important to save human lives. In the same way, saving the environment is equally important. After receiving the final guidelines from the Kolkata Police on rowing at Rabindra Sarovar, the three rowing clubs in the city have started working to comply with the guidelines given by the Calcutta Rowing Club, Bengal Rowing Club and Lake Club Administration respectively. However, the guideline mentions various safety issues but does not specify whether the rescue or follow boat will be battery-powered or petrol-powered.

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