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Stricter state in health partners, hospital-nursing home surveillance will continue – News18 Bangla


Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself has repeatedly warned private hospitals and nursing homes for rejecting the health partner’s card. This time the state government is taking a tougher attitude towards health partners The state government has set up state and district level monitoring teams to check whether the healthcare facilities are matching properly.

At the state level, the monitoring team was formed with the director of health services as the chairman. In addition to the state level, a monitoring team has been formed in each district with the chief medical officer of the district as the chairman. The monitoring team will make surprise visits to each hospital. The members of the surveillance team will check whether there is any difficulty in getting medical services with the health partner card.

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The hospital or nursing home visited should be uploaded on the health partner’s portal by the visitor. The surveillance team will take legal action against any hospital or nursing home authority for providing medical services through a health partner card.

Surveillance teams have to visit at least six hospitals every month The state government has introduced health companion card to save the general public from huge expenses in the field of medicine This is a tough step to make sure that people get that service properly This is because many hospitals and nursing homes in different districts like Kolkata are not willing to provide medical services with health partner card. The Chief Minister also expressed his displeasure over the issue at the administrative meeting of the district Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi recently held a high-level meeting on the Health Partner Project. After that this guideline was issued by Nabanna8

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