Student Credit Card | Bangla news: more than 1 lakh students have applied to get loan through this government project Student Credit Card

#Kolkata: Finally, the amount of loan given through 50 crore boundary payroll student credit card. According to the Higher Education Department and Nabanna sources, the amount of loan has exceeded Rs 500 million since the opening of the bank immediately after Durgapuja. According to sources, the student credit card project is going to be signed with another state-owned bank before Kali Pujo. However, the number of applications for student credit card loans has already crossed one lakh.

According to the Department of Higher Education, so far it has been possible to give loans to about 1400 students through Student Credit Card. However, some officials of the higher education department said that the number will increase after Kalipujo. Incidentally, Chief Secretary Harikrishna Dwivedi recently met again on the student credit card. During the meeting, he directed to keep in touch with the banks. Not only this, the district magistrates were also instructed to keep in touch with the banks for speedy approval of student loans.

The state has already entered into agreements with several banks to provide loans through State Student Credit Card. The state has entered into agreements with co-operative banks as well as private banks and two state-owned banks. According to sources, the state is going to sign an agreement with another state-owned bank before Kalipujo. However, higher education officials declined to comment. According to the Department of Higher Education, 80 per cent of the applications received for student credit card loans came through a specific state-owned bank.

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Although the state has not yet reached an agreement with that state-owned bank. According to sources, the deal is expected to be finalized by the end of November. However, the state has not yet received any positive signal from the state-owned bank. In that case, the state administration thinks that if the agreement with the state-owned bank is signed at the end of November, the speed of giving loans to students through student credit cards will increase.

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