#Kolkata: The agreement with another state-owned bank on Thursday was signed by the state school education department. The agreement is for giving loans to students through student credit cards. The agreement was reached at the state-owned bank’s headquarters on Thursday. According to the school education department, the agreement with Khabar UCO Bank will speed up the process of giving loans through student credit cards in the state. Sources said that the state school education department is going to sign an agreement with another state-owned bank soon. As a result of the agreement on Thursday, the school education department signed an agreement with a total of two state-owned banks.

The state education department has already signed agreements with two private banks for student credit cards. As a result, more than a thousand students have already been able to get loans through student credit cards. According to sources, around 2,000 more students will be able to get loans through credit cards this week. According to sources, the agreement with two private banks and a state-owned bank will get so many student loans this week, before Pujo. The possibility of a deal with another state-owned bank has been created after Pujo.

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According to the school education department, 50% of the applications for student credit cards have been submitted through that state-owned bank. The officials of the department hope that the agreement with that bank will be possible before Kalipujo. Student credit card applications have already crossed one lakh. In that case, the loan speed will be completely increased through Kalipujo’s successive student credit cards. Relevant Chief Secretary Hari Krishna Dwivedi recently warned the banks. It also sent a message to the districts that the government’s accounts could be withdrawn if the banks did not cooperate with the state government’s projects. It is believed that private banks and state-owned banks have been virtually shaken since then. By the end of October, the Department of School Education will have approved a large number of applications for student credit cards.

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