Student Credit Card: Strict guidelines for poor meritorious students

#Kolkata: The state has again issued strict instructions to the banks with Student Credit Card. On Wednesday night, the Education Secretary, Finance Secretary held a virtual meeting with the banks again about the student credit card. Poor meritorious students cannot be harassed in any way. They cannot be harassed in the name of asking for more information. The state has again issued strict instructions to banks regarding student credit cards.

On Wednesday night, the school education secretary and finance secretary held a virtual meeting with the banks. According to sources in the higher education department, the banks were asked not to harass the students unnecessarily at the meeting. Banks are also asked to ensure that poor meritorious students are not deprived of getting student credit cards. Recently, the Chief Secretary held a virtual meeting with officials of different districts and banks. At that meeting, he also gave strict instructions to the banks not to harass the students in the name of multiple information services. At today’s meeting, the banks were asked to take necessary steps to give priority to poor students in getting student credit cards.

On the other hand, every school, college and university is asked to set up a camp on Monday to promote student credit cards. According to the higher education department, the department has been asked to send a report on the number of students coming to the news camps every Monday. The source said that the camp was organized with the help of detailed information on how to get a student credit card so that it could be widely disseminated among the students.

This initiative is primarily for school-college-university publicity campaigns with student credit cards. At a recent administrative meeting, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee spoke of promoting student credit cards in schools, colleges and universities. After that, the state higher education department has said that the camp will be held from next Monday, the source said. On the other hand, the state government will observe Students’ Day in the first week of January.

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The state is scheduled to hold a student credit card event at Netaji Indoor Stadium on January 8. Sources said that the target was to give student credit cards to about 25,000 students that day. For this, district-wise target has already been given on behalf of Nabanna. According to sources, the chief secretary had a meeting with the district magistrate a few days ago. However, more than once, there were allegations that Bengali was harassing students with student credit cards in the name of asking for different information. At yesterday’s meeting, the banks were given strict instructions on this issue.

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On the other hand, the number of student credit card applications has already exceeded 120,000. Sources said that more than 50,000 applications have been sent to the banks for approval. However, the banks have so far accepted just over 6,000 applications, according to higher education department sources. Not only that, some applications are being rejected and returned by the banks due to which the Chief Secretary has already directed to form one committee in each district. Each district has already been instructed to scrutinize why the application forms are being returned and rejected.

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