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Students’ Credit Card || Be quick! Students get Rs 600 crore loan through credit card


#Kolkata: Nabanna wants to speed up the process of giving loans to students through student credit cards. The Department of Higher Education is holding mobilization camps across the state on Tuesday to expedite the process of giving loans through student credit cards. This mobilization camp will be mainly attended by representatives of banks. Sources said that the students will get loan facility in this camp. According to the Department of Higher Education, it is targeting to bring 6 to 7500 students in the camps.

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The state has conducted multiple mobilization camps before. Not only that, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee directed the top officials of the state administration to speed up the process of getting loans through student credit cards. According to sources, 26,500 students across the state have already been given loans through student credit cards. Whose debt amount is close to 600 crores. In addition, the Department of Higher Education has already informed the banks that another 14,300 student loans may be sanctioned. Its debt amounts to around Rs 500 crore. In that case, Nabanna hopes that if the bank approves it within a month, many students will be able to get loans through credit cards at the beginning of the academic year.

High school results have already been released. Admission process in colleges will start soon. Nabanna thinks that the number of student credit card applicants will increase a lot once the admission process starts. In that case, the state wants to get the applications already granted. Once the old applications are approved quickly, the top echelons of Navanna think that the new applications can be approved as soon as possible. In the meantime, the officials of the higher education department have sat in meetings with the banks more than once regarding the student credit card. At present most of the banks are involved in providing student loan services through student credit cards. This time, Nabanna wants to walk the path of giving loan through student credit card by setting a target.

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