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Students have to give exam from Home Venue said WBHSC | বড় খবর! Higher secondary candidates will be able to take exams in their own school in 2022! Janal Sangsad … – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Even if the test is offline, the students will be able to take the test sitting at the home venue. West Bengal Higher Secondary Education Parliament (WB Higher Secondary Exam 2022) has issued a notification announcing the decision. The decision was notified to the schools by the Parliament. The West Bengal Higher Secondary Education Parliament also clarified the rules of enrollment form.

A statement issued by Parliament on Friday said, “The 2022 Higher Secondary Examination (WB Higher Secondary Exam 2022) will be held at the home venue, meaning that students will be able to sit for the examination at their respective schools.” At the same time, it was informed that instead of the percentage of attendance in the enrollment form, the candidates should write NA or fill that space as an online class.

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Note that the secondary examination is in March. And then there is the Higher Secondary (WB Higher Secondary Exam 2022) in April. Meanwhile, there are school level test examinations in a few days. Some of the teachers are therefore advising the students not to take the test lightly. Not with practice, but with the preparation of the final so that the students enter the examination hall. If an emergency situation arises, the test number will be important.

According to the source, if there is no situation to take the secondary or higher secondary examination for any reason, then the results of the test examination may also be evaluated. It has been informed that the schools will have to take the Class XII test by December 31. The results of that test must be kept carefully. Subject based numbers should be kept up. The Parliament of Higher Secondary Education may later ask for this number. Today, the Parliament of Higher Secondary Education has issued a notification in this regard.

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The Board of Secondary Education and the Parliament of Higher Secondary Education have already published the schedule of next year’s secondary and higher secondary education. The secondary examination of 2022 is scheduled to start from March 8. The test will continue till March 18. On the day of announcing the date of the examination, the president of the board Kalyanmoy Gangopadhyay said, “Secondary will start from 11:45 am. It will continue till 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The first 15 minutes will be read by the students. The next three hours will be for writing. This time students of 9,991 schools are giving secondary examination. ”

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