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students will be properly guided about their career in Education Interface 2022 – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: The education that was in demand at one time, is now extinct in the changed circumstances. Again, many jobs have been created where it is difficult to find people. Meanwhile, some people are looking for jobs after being educated in traditional education. The way then? Finding the right path. The councilor will show the way. Kolkata Planner has organized Career Fair ‘Education Interface’ at Netaji Indoor in Kolkata. This fair will last for three days. This career fair starts on Saturday. Kolkata Mayor and Minister Firhad Hakim, State Cabinet members Shobhandev Chatterjee and Humayun Kabir were present.

Humayun Kabir said, “Education system is changing with age. Education is being discussed all over the world. Right to education is in the constitution. Civilization of India. If he does, he will do well. He is interested in something. It is possible to find out by counseling. “

Shovon Dev Chattopadhyay said, “Change is the truth. Evolution is science. Guide the students. Today, 12 lakh students have passed secondary school. They have passed 8%. All educated unemployed will be created. After that, higher secondary, graduate, MA. There is no direction. Rose comes for a job. She has graduated. If you pass MA, you can’t get a job. You know what will happen if you go somewhere. I will say, don’t forget Bengali. There are many opportunities in Bengal. Many universities have increased. And there is no need to go abroad. On the contrary, people are coming here from outside. “

Vice Chancellor of Jadavpur University Suranjan Das was present on the occasion. “We live in the age of globalization and the age of technology. I will tell the students, don’t think of old ideas. We are far ahead of the countries that became independent. The state has become a virgin. The two universities are in the front row. Nine students of Jadavpur University have got jobs worth Rs 1 crore. And where are they? I will tell the children not to forget the state. “It simply came to our notice then. Technological changes are taking place in this century. The profession is changing. Who are now in school. You will see later that change is happening. Now it is a good study here. Before, I had to do parashana under the pressure of my surroundings. Now these educational institutions do counseling. If parents come here, they can discuss here Now one will not be with education. Need to change. “


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