Subrata Mukherjee | Ekdalia Evergreen Club: Dear man is no more, the name of Eldalia Evergreen building is going to change!

#Kolkata: Despite his sudden departure, his favorite club is not willing to let go of Subrata Mukheree. Subrata Mukherjee was the president of Ekdalia Evergreen Club in Goriyahat for 50 years. According to sources, the building of Ekdalia Evergreen Club will be named after Evergreen Subrata Mukherjee. Along with this, his teammates in the club have decided that a statue of Subrata Mukherjee will be installed in the club premises. According to club sources, it has been fixed in the discussions among the members for the time being However, the name of the club building will be changed with the consent of Chhandabani Mukherjee, wife of Club Subrata Mukherjee.

The statue of Subrata Mukherjee will be erected after talking to the municipality. And in this way the club members want to draw their favorite Subrata Mukherjee Even though four days have passed, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon with Subrata Mukherjee. People from all over the state are still flocking to the Mandevilla Gardens where Subrata Mukherjee lived. Many people want to meet the family Many want to come back and meet family members. Many are coming to Ekdalia Evergreen Club again to pay their respects.

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The club and pujo committee has been chaired by the late Panchayat and Rural Development Minister since 1982. The pujo that Subrata Mukherjee used to say, “I do not do the theme, I do pujo.” Many of the club members cannot believe that Subrata Mukherjee is no more. Many say, ‘Grandpa has gone out for a meeting for three or four days. Grandpa will come back. ‘ As soon as he entered the club, Subrata Mukherjee used to spend his time sitting on the chair and table, chatting and talking. The lamp is still burning there. Everything is neatly arranged. Two ministers Perth Chatterjee and his wife Firhad Hakim have already visited Subrata Mukherjee’s residence and met his wife. Political colleagues say “everything is there, only Subrata Da is no more.” Memorial meetings will be held in all seven wards of Subrata Mukherjee’s assembly constituency Baliganj. Besides, a separate meeting is being organized by the South Kolkata District Trinamool.

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