Subrata Mukherjee: Left-wing ‘that’ case, after the issuance of the arrest warrant, which is Subrata Mukherjee’s …

#Kolkata: The court had recently issued an arrest warrant against Minister of State Subrata Mukherjee in an old case of the Left. Finally, the state’s Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Subrata surrendered to the Bidhannagar MP-MLA court on Thursday in that case. In the recent case, the Bidhannagar court had ordered Subrata Mukherjee to surrender by November 18. An arrest warrant was issued against him. The minister then said he would surrender to the court on Thursday if he received a copy of the court order. Like that, he appeared in court that day. The court granted him bail.

Incidentally, an arrest warrant was issued against Subrata Mukherjee in an old case of the Left. At that time a case was filed in Koreya police station. The driver of one of the vehicles had lodged an FIR against Subrata Mukherjee. In that case, the MP-MLA court issued an arrest warrant after so long. He was also ordered to surrender by November 18. Otherwise he could have been arrested. He finally surrendered to the court on Thursday.

It is learned that when the Left was in power in the state, an FIR was lodged against Subrata Babu, the driver of a car. Subrata Babu was sitting in the driver’s seat of another car. The man had lodged a complaint against Subrata Mukherjee at the Koreya police station, in which case an arrest warrant was issued against him by the Bidhannagar Special Court. However, he was given till November 16 to surrender in this case. This member of Mamata Banerjee’s cabinet appeared in court long before him.

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Incidentally, the Trinamool returned to power in Bengal for the third time in the last assembly vote. The dream of BJP is shattered. After that, Subrata Mukherjee had to stay in CBI custody in the Narad case. On May 16, the CBI arrested state transport minister Firhad Hakim, panchayat minister Subrata Mukherjee, MLA Madan Mitra and another leader Shovan Chatterjee in the Narad case. They later got bail. This time Subrata Babu also got bail in the case of the left period.

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