Kolkata: “Priyo-Somen-Subrata”, the name of this trifle is very popular in Bengali politics. Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi and Subrata Mukherjee started their career in student politics in the late sixties. Somen Mitra, an influential leader of the Youth Congress at that time. Priya Ranjan from Mofasbal and Subrata Mukherjee formed that unbroken bond with Somen Mitra in Daputa, North Kolkata. The Priya-Somen-Subrata trio started that journey together to strengthen the fear of the Congress in the state.

Then how much water of politics has flowed through the Ganges. Sometimes the three ‘friends’ agreed, sometimes they disagreed. But the relationship between them has remained intact. Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi had left long ago. Prior was the longest hospital-bus. Somen Mitra also passed away on July 30 last year. Two fruits of right-wing politics had already fallen in Bengal. Subrata Mukherjee was left alone. After the death of Somen Mitra, Subrata shared the word of ‘loneliness’. He lost two friends and shared the pain. Today he is the one who said goodbye forever.

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Subrata Mukherjee was born on 14 June 1948 in Sarengabad, Bajwaj. While studying at a college in Calcutta, Mofassal’s son became involved with the Congress student body. That was the source of intimacy with Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi. In the seventies, Priyo-Subrata pair became the most talked about name in Bengali student politics. Somen Mitra also joined them.

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Once upon a time, Indira Gandhi’s favorite Subrata Mukherjee. Subrata could never go into Delhi politics like that after winning the election. But his popularity at the state level was undeniable. Today, Mamata Subrata Da, who left her home pujo and rushed to the hospital, left the Trinamool in 2005 due to a dispute with the Trinamool leader and set up a separate platform. In the by-elections, he fought in alliance with the Congress with the NCP’s ‘clock’ symbol. Subrata himself, however, won. However, the stage he created collapsed. Five years later, the Left Front won the Kolkata Municipality again. Subrata later officially returned to the Congress.

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The Trinamool was born out of the Mamata-Somen conflict. Subrata Mukherjee was reluctant to accept this even though it was widely practiced. Like him, Mamata did not support the way the Congress was going in the late nineties. So Mamata Banerjee left the Congress in 1996 and formed the Trinamool Congress. Somen Mitra has no role behind the birth of the Trinamool. On the last day of the two, however, Somen-Subrata was the representative of the two parties.

Not only state politics, Priyo-Somen-Subrata has witnessed many known and unknown events in central politics. Subrata Mukherjee went to the beloved Somen to say little. The two had already dropped out of the orbit of this trio. Subrata was naturally alone. So Subrata went in the same orbit with Priya Priya-Somen.

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