Subrata Mukherjee on Bhabanipur By Poll: Who did the tweet? Subrata says, ‘deep conspiracy’! BJP demands ‘surveillance’

#Kolkata: A tweet at the center of the debate. That tweet was made by Minister of State Subrata Mukherjee. Such is the allegation of BJP. Although Subrata Mukherjee claims, he does not know how to tweet. There is a deep conspiracy behind this tweet. Not only that, the minister has made counter allegations against the BJP.

What is that tweet, which is so controversial? High voltage by-election is going on in Bhabanipur. The candidate is Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee herself. In this situation, a tweet was sent from Subrata Mukherjee’s profile (MLA Subrata Mukherjee @MLA_Subrata) at 11 am today. It read, ‘Vote for Didi. Today is an important day as the by-election in Bhabanipur is going on with two more centers. We are appealing to the voters to vote for Didi and make sure that Didi can win by a huge margin. ‘ That tweet has the tag, #MamataBanerjeeForBhabanipur.

As soon as this tweet came to the fore, the BJP called Asare. They complained to the Election Commission that Minister of State Subrata Mukherjee was trying to influence the tweet. So let him be kept under surveillance. The BJP has also demanded the detention of another state minister, Firhad Hakim.

However, Subrata Babu has dismissed all allegations in this regard. In his words, ‘I don’t know how to tweet. There is a deep conspiracy behind this. Mamata Banerjee will win by a huge margin. I don’t need to tweet for that. ‘ However, several Trinamool ministers have also tweeted about the Bhabanipur by-election.

Minister Arup Biswas wrote in a tweet, ‘Bhabanipur will decide to take this country on the path of development. From now it is understood the future of the future. However, referring to the BJP’s allegations, Firhad said, “I have never knowingly done anything wrong in my life. I have no desire to influence the vote. I only kept in touch with grassroots workers in my office. I have not stood in front of any booth since morning. I don’t do any unethical work. I didn’t do it today either. ‘

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