#Kolkata: No Subrata Mukherjee (Subrata Mukherjee Passed away) 7 A tea shop on the sidewalk by the side of the wall. Tea shopkeeper Subrata Khanda (72). He is giving tea to the customers in the afternoon. He is looking at his mobile repeatedly. Shoppers in the store, yet hesitant. Water in the corner of the eye. He is repeatedly wiping his eyes with a towel. This shopkeeper is none other than the tea shopkeeper on the street next to Subrata Mukherjee’s residence. Trinamool (TMC) Panchayat Minister became very close to the common man

Tea shopkeeper Subrata Khanda repeatedly said, “On the street opposite my shop, Subrata Babu used to park his car often when he was leaving the house. His security would come down from the car and take the tea from me. At that time my hands and feet would shake every day while giving tea. If at any time I didn’t open the shop, he would ask his housekeeper, starting with his security guard, why I didn’t open the shop. I was proud of him for asking me. “

He cried while saying this. There was a gentleman named Pradeep Saha sitting in that tea shop. He was the peon of Baliganj post office. He used to come to Subrata Mukherjee’s house every day. He said, “Every day one or another letter would come in the name of Subrata Mukherjee. Subrata Mukherjee died on Wednesday. I went to pick up the letter this morning and saw that there was not a single letter in the name of Subrata Babu. There are letters in the name of many more people in that building today.

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Pradeep Babu was saying that if he could have brought a letter to his house even on the last day, this day would have been memorable in his life. This is a coincidence. As he was not there, his letter also lost hope. As Subrata Khanda was saying, “One of my dear buyers has left.” The tea-drinker was still looking for the light smile and thankful face of the old customer.


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