Subrata Mukherjee: There is no veteran MLA today, how many unknown things about Subrata in the assembly!

#Kolkata: I still can’t believe that Subrata Mukherjee is no more Subrata Mukherjee was the oldest MLA in the 17th Assembly So he was nominated as the protem speaker. Subrata Mukherjee administered the oath of office to the MLAs as Protem Speaker. Even today no one can forget about that day in the assembly session room Among them, the mourning motion is going to be read in the assembly session room with Subrata Mukherjee today.

According to sources, discussions will be held on Monday after reading the condolence motion on Subrata Mukherjee Discussions will be held with the recently deceased Panchayat Minister of the state Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee can join this discussion today Though not attending the session, BJP MLAs near Kolkata have been asked to take part in the mourning motion. This year was the 50th year that Subrata Mukherjee was contesting the Assembly elections

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He also became a member of the Legislative Assembly for the tenth time after winning from Baliganj. The assembly hall of Subrata Mukherjee is empty. The same was done at the ministers’ house during the session. Subrata Mukherjee used to sit in the left-hand room when going to the Chief Minister’s house in the assembly. Those who have seen Subrata Mukherjee in the assembly for a long time say that the house is full of memories and the man is not empty. As a result, various conversations are going on with Subrata Mukherjee all over the hall of the assembly.

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Perth Chatterjee said about Subrata Mukherjee, “Subrata was Pujo crazy. I have seen so much passion for Pujo in politics as well as in very few people. I could not have imagined that man would leave us on such a sudden Kalipujo night.” The truth is. Subrata Da left us at night when the lights of Diwali were on. Our house is next to the assembly. If I want to go to my house, I have to go through Subrata Dar’s house. We will miss you, Subrata Da. “

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Assembly Speaker Biman Bandopadhyay said, “The departure of Subrata Mukherjee is an irreparable loss to parliamentary democracy. I have learned a lot from him.” Shobhandev Chattopadhyay said, “There is no one to tell me about you in politics. If you calculate how many years Subrata and I have been friends, all the numbers will become your own noise. When Subrata is not a leader, not a minister, I am new to politics. Since then I have been in a relationship with Subrata Mukherjee. A little older than that. The friend parted and left earlier. ” Subrata Mukherjee is going to be commemorated in the assembly today with thousands of such memories.

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