Kolkata: Although he was a skilled politician, he was a believer in ghosts. It is better to say that he was terrified of ghosts. The story of seeing ghosts in the memory of Minister Subrata has come up again and again in the memory of Subrata Mukherjee. Many people have heard the story of that ghost (Subrata Mukherjee’s Ghost Experience) from Subrata Mukherjee more than once.

The story of the fear of ghosts in government offices is nothing new in this country. In the heart of the city of Kolkata, the former State Secretariat, the Writers’ Building, has a rich collection of ghost stories. And when discussing Bhoot Chartudashi before Kalipujo, the ghost story of Subrata Mukherjee’s Mahakaran also comes up.

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Subrata Mukherjee himself is the ‘witness’ of seeing ghosts with his own eyes. The recently deceased Trinamool minister was very young then. In Siddhartha Shankar Roy’s cabinet, he is in charge of the state’s information and culture department. The country was in a state of emergency then. It was mandatory for every newspaper to make a page and show it to the government representative before printing it. The clearances were given by the ministers and officers themselves. Every day the minister would return home after completing his office as per the rules. Then after dinner he would come back to Mahakaran at half past eight. His house was on the third floor of Mahakaran. According to the story heard many times from Subrata Babu’s mouth, he got up to the third floor in the VIP lift. The porch pulled out of the elevator. There are usually police postings. On their way, they greeted the ministers and bureaucrats. Subrata Babu came out of the elevator and faced a policeman. Subrata Babu’s eyes got stuck at the feet of the police while trying to greet him.

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Because the feet are not on the ground! The constable is floating a foot above the ground, standing in the air. According to some, Subrata Babu entered his room. Central Gate police officers were called to the minister’s house. As you know, no one was posted on the third floor that day. After that Subrata Babu did not come to Mahakaran at night. However, the cabinet meeting was held in Darjeeling in June 2016. Subrata Mukherjee went to the hill to join it. Arrangements were made to stay there at the palace. Subrata Babu once again warned Jyotipriya Mallick, the minister of state, that there were ghosts in the palace in Darjeeling. He also said that he would not stay home alone. Ghost stories can no longer be heard from Subrata Mukherjee.

Abir Ghoshal

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