#Kolkata: No appointment was required Subrata Mukherjee, the favorite of journalists, was never picked up by anyone else As soon as the phone rang, Subratdar’s voice came from the other side. Journalists would ask, ‘Where are you, Grandpa?’ And those who knew him knew that he had the unobstructed door to the media.

At ten o’clock in the morning, the court of the settled house, whatever is needed, is solved as soon as you go there. Journalists, too, go there whenever they need to talk about something. And to go means to chat. Gossip Subrata Mukherjee used to say, ‘People, can’t you hang out without these?’

He wanted to stay in parliamentary politics for 50 years When he stood for election in 2021, he told this reporter, “This will be my 50th year. I stand up for this and listen, I am writing books from Indira Gandhi to Mamata Banerjee. ‘

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That writing will remain incomplete A few days ago, he said, ‘I have almost finished the first part, but so many events of so many years, it takes time!’

Whether in the morning or at night, when journalists used to go to Ekdalia to chat, they would smile and say, ‘Hey, sit down!’

He could not just take criticism, he would say, ‘If you criticize, I can understand where the mistake is.’ Once a newspaper 7 made a front page cartoon about him A few days later I saw that Subrata Babu had kept it in the living room. He said to himself, ‘Look how good the cartoon is, look at what has been tied up.’

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This may be the reason why despite having been the Minister of Information and Culture during the Emergency, no media relationship with him has deteriorated.

There was so much spiritual yoga that when he had a quarrel with his wife Chhandabani Devi at home, he would say, ‘Your Baudi is not talking, I have not heard you forbid him to go out, now he is not talking anymore. This strategy of Baudi is very deadly, let’s see how long the clouds last. ‘

His body was not good, he was with his wife in the whole campaign of Bankura in 2019. When he met before Pujo, he used to ask, ‘Will there be duty in Ekdalia?’ Chatting with Subrata in Ekdalia was an assignment of choice for journalists like us. In Ekdalia we used to hang out from Pujo to Vijaya.

He got Calcutta Doordarshan from Indira Gandhi From that story of the 70’s to the story of seeing ghosts in Purulia – every day he would hear something new.

During the student movement, stories about Mamata Banerjee could be heard from Subrata Mukherjee. Subrata Mukherjee said he, Priya Ranjan Dasmunsi and Mamata, a newcomer to student politics, drove the jeep in front of the Baliganj ITI. In the words of Subrata Mukherjee, “Seeing that the action has started, Priya Da and I fled a little distance. I went and saw Mamata chanting slogans while eating bricks and stones. I will understand on that day. ‘ He would not get angry at bad questions, he would listen to unpleasant criticism with a smile.

You will be fine, Subrata Da Regrettably, the book you wrote is not finished.

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