#Kolkata: Uterine tumors are very common in many cases. However, it is not screened in time, because it is not detected, it can often turn into cancer. According to the World Health Organization, one out of every six people is at risk of developing cancer. Women aged 45-60 are most at risk of developing uterine cancer. Medica Hospital in Kolkata has recently claimed to have performed the first day-care robotic uterine removal surgery in Kolkata.

In this type of surgery, the patient can be released on the same day. This hysterectomy is one of the most advanced robotic-assisted surgery systems developed by US-based Intuitive. This was done with the help of Da Vinci X. The patient was admitted to the hospital at 7 am on the day of the surgery and was released around 6 pm on the same day. Senior gynecologist-oncologist Arunav Roy led this unique robotic-assisted surgery on a 50-year-old woman in Medinipur. The procedure was performed in the newly opened oncology department at Medica Hospital.

Speaking about the first day-care robotic hysterectomy, Arunav Roy, an advanced robotic and laparoscopic surgeon and senior consultant in gynecological oncology, said: This increases the risk of cancer. Timely screening, identification, and necessary treatment can help them lead healthy lives. This day-care hysterectomy does not require any blood transfusions, antibiotics or painkillers. He was released from the hospital on the same day with minimal medication and almost no pain. It is actually a landmark in the field of cancer surgery in eastern India. This will motivate the patients to come forward for the best treatment. “

Rupali Samanta, a 50-year-old resident of Medinipur, was suffering from chronic menstrual problems. From the medical diagnosis, it is known that there is a pre-existing condition of cancer (Uterus Cancer). As a result, if not treated immediately, she may get uterine cancer. The patient and his family chose robotic hysterectomy surgery after understanding the benefits of surgery with robotic assistance. He was released on the day of the surgery and within a week he was back to normal.

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The additional costs that have been incurred for robotic surgery include the minimum cost of hospital stay, medication and blood transfusions after surgery to bring him back to normal life. Rupali Samanta said, “I am really grateful to the doctor Arunav Roy and the entire team at Medica Hospital. Without them, and without that state-of-the-art surgical technology in that hospital, I would not have been able to recover so quickly. There was very little pain after the surgery. I was perfectly fit to go about my daily routine in less than a week after my surgery. “

Doctor Abhay Kumar, Head of Surgical Oncology and Robotic Surgery, says, “The incidence of cancer in India has increased significantly over the years. Worldwide, the number of deaths from cancer increased by 21% and the number of fatal diseases increased by 26% from 2010-2019. Corona has widened the screening gap. In 2020, about 1.4 million people in India were diagnosed with cancer. Early detection and diagnosis are the only way to prevent death. Medica Hospital has world-class facilities for the treatment of cancer and the fourth generation da Vinci surgical robot technology Medica can be a boon for cancer treatment. This day-care treatment is one of the best initiatives of Medica Cancer Institute, which will be more effective in the days to come. ”

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