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#Kolkata: Former Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya’s daughter Suchetana Bhattacharya (Suchetana Bhattacharya Statement on Ira Basu) opened her mouth for the first time with her aunt Ira Basu. Suchetna was nominated for Ira Basu Pension But Suchetna said on the day that she would not accept any movable or immovable property of Aunty Ira Basu. Suchetna also made it clear in Ira Basu’s current speech that he and his parents were upset enough. However, Aunty Ira Basu wished a speedy recovery and recovery

For the past few days, the plight of former chief minister’s sister-in-law Ira Basu has been in the media. Former teacher Ira Basu spends the day by the roadside in Dunlop, a northern suburb. He was rescued from there and admitted to the hospital for psychiatric treatment After treatment, Ira Basu was taken to the house of a CPM councilor in Kharadha Meera Bhattacharya, the wife of Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, has already claimed in a statement that Ira Basu had chosen this kind of life voluntarily. He did not hear anything from anyone in the family

Not only government-sponsored medical treatment, but also the introduction of Ira Basu’s arrears of pension. It is learned that Ira Bhattacharya will get a pension of around Tk 14,000 per month He will get around Rs 20 lakh including interest as arrears of pension from 2009 Ira Basu has chosen Suchetna as her pensioner But Suchetna made it clear on the day that she would not accept any property from her aunt Ira Basu

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In an audio message, Suchetana Bhattacharya said, “I have been informed in several media outlets that the Finance Ministry has introduced Ira Basu’s pension. This is good news And I also found out that he nominated me In this regard, I would like to assert that I will not accept any immovable, movable property of Ira Basu in any way and any day. I and my parents are very upset about Ira Basu’s current use I hope he will lead a healthy life and I request him not to include our name in any of his activities in future.

After recovering, Ira Basu claimed that a representative of Abhishek Banerjee had come to meet him and promised to introduce the pension. Ira Basu also claimed that Abhishek Banerjee was supervising the whole matter However, the way in which their names have been repeatedly implicated in this whole incident has upset Buddhadeb Bhattacharya and his family.

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