Sudarshan Mukherjee dedicates victory to Subrata Mukherjee, says ‘People have responded’ – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Tanima Chatterjee was defeated. Sudarshan Mukherjee won. In the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC Election) there was a lot of noise about the Trinamool candidate post in ward no. After the demise of Subrata Mukherjee, Trinamool had given tickets to Tanima in ward no. At first he was nominated but later his candidature was canceled by Ghasful Shibir. Tickets were given to outgoing councilor Sudarshana Mukherjee. This is why the battle of Ward No. 8 in the Kolkata Pur election became interesting. Sudarshana snatched the victory by defeating Tanima in the end.

When Sudarshan was asked about the Tanima-chapter after the victory, he said, “People have answered all the questions. This victory is the victory of the people, the victory of Mamata Banerjee. I dedicate this victory to our dear grandfather Subrata Mukherjee.” He was the outgoing councilor who, after winning for the second time, said, “We are in dire need of a community center in our area right now. “There is a pond in the area. There is talk of eliminating plastics. They have to reach out to people of all walks of life. We want to follow the same path of overall development that the mother-land-human government is walking on.”

During the campaign, Tanima said that she was not saying a word against the party, that is, against the grassroots. Says against the candidate. It was clear from his remarks that the target was only candidate Surdashana. Joyi Surdasana said about him, people have made it clear, what exactly is their thought!

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