Sudipa Chatterjee Shares Her Memories With Subrata Da ‘Baba Nei Heard, “I’m Too”

#Kolkata: Subrata Mukherjee (Subrata Mukherjee Death) lost in the land of no return. But he will remain immortal to the people of Bengal forever. In his memory, today the world of entertainment is engrossed in politics. This colorful personality (Subrata Mukherjee Death) seems to be smiling everywhere from social media to news media. Although he was a politician, he had free movement outside politics. There is no lack of his loving people. One such close person Sudipa Chatterjee’s (Sudipa Chatterjee) Facebook post also found a collage of her memories.

Standing next to Subrata Mukherjee (Subrata Mukherjee Death) and sharing her only clear picture, kitchen manager Sudipa wrote that she hid in one corner in all the other pictures. Sudipa Chatterjee seems to have gone back to the moment she lost her beloved ‘Subratada’ and stayed by her side. Sanchalika was lost in emotional memories on Facebook. “I still won’t cry,” he said with blurred eyes.

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In the film, Subrata appeared at a function at Sudip’s restaurant. Next to him are Sudipa, Prosenjit Chatterjee and Sourav Ganguly. Trademark pale white dhoti-Punjabi and bright smile. At the inauguration of the buffet counter, Subrata got angry with Prosenjit and Sourav in an article written by the actress.

The day of fatherlessness has also floated in the memory. How many smiles, stories, conversations are coming from the crowd. Sudipa Chatterjee told the media that he was more comfortable with his wife than Subrata. As much whim to him. In fact, Subrata Mukherjee (Subrata Mukherjee Death) and his own father’s name is the same. After the father left, this man gave shelter like a father.

Even though he was called Dada, it was as if he had put Subrata in his father’s seat. He got affection just like that. Sudipa wrote in her memoirs. She said that her husband Agnidev had a family relationship with her. So much intimacy that Subrata agreed to work on the Bengali series only in response to his call. He acted in Agnidev’s ‘Chowdhury Pharmaceuticals’ series. Putting that first Subrata foot on the small screen. In contrast, Moonmoon Sen. Sudip’s writing says that it was Rajiv Gandhi himself who allowed Subrata to work in this series.

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At the end, he wrote, the veteran politician has migrated to the land of sleep, which he still does not want to believe. Rather, he thinks that Subrata will come and stand whenever there is any mistake. The Punjabi will roll up his sleeves and say, “What a fear!” Just like before!

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