#Kolkata: It was a quarter to ten at night An elderly man approached the police personnel on duty near Vidyasagar Bridge (Suicide Attempt). He told police that a 23-year-old boy (Suicide Attempt on Vidyasagar Setu) had jumped out of the house to commit suicide.

Hastings police ASI Chand Saha did not delay after receiving the news from the elder. He, along with Constable Gauri Shankar Routh and Civic Volunteer Shubh Basu, launched a quick search of the Vidyasagar Bridge. As soon as he came to the place in the middle of the bridge, the policemen saw the young man He was going to jump into the Ganges from the bridge He was stopped at the last moment by three policemen

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After rescuing the mentally disturbed youth, the policemen first brought him to the police station The 23-year-old was then handed over to his family members

But why did the young man go to commit suicide? The family of the young man, a resident of Raj Vallabh Saha Lane in Howrah, told police that the young man had an affair with a young woman from Assam. Marriage is also agreed with the consent of the two families But at the last moment the bride’s father sat down As a result, the marriage is broken And out of that frustration, he jumped from the Vidyasagar bridge into the Ganges to finish himself

In the end, due to the present intelligence of the young man’s father and the activities of the police, it was possible to rescue him in time

Amit Sarkar

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