#Kolkata: A 60-year-old man committed suicide by jumping from a multi-storey apartment building in New Town. He claimed to have committed suicide by jumping from the 10th floor on Wednesday morning. The deceased was identified as Roop Kumar Chowdhury. According to police sources, an old man jumped from the 10th floor of a multi-storey house in Newtown police station area this morning. The incident spread like wildfire in the whole area. (Suicide in New Town)

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Police recovered the body and took it to Bidhan Nagar Hospital. But by then it was all over. Doctors pronounced the old man dead shortly after he was taken to hospital. After questioning the residents, the police came to know that the deceased old man and his wife lived in the residence. His two sons live abroad. He had tried to commit suicide several times before. But this time he could not be saved.

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The police suspect that the old man was suffering from mental depression. This incident is due to the jar. However, it is being investigated whether there is any other reason behind this. Newtown police have started investigation into the incident.

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