#Kolkata: “I will start from where Dilip Ghosh left off,” said Sukanta Majumder, praising each other for the first time as the BJP’s state president. Along with that there was a drawer certificate for Dilip Ghosh. According to Sukantar, Dilip Ghosh is the most successful state president of West Bengal. Sukant Dilkhola, known as Binayi, said, “Dilip Ghosh’s name will be written in gold letters in the history of the BJP as the state president.”

Dramatic reshuffle has taken place in BJP overnight. Many political observers have speculated. Dilip Ghosh has been chosen as the BJP’s all-India vice-president. Sukanta Majumder has come as an alternative. “It is possible for the BJP to give such a job to an ordinary worker 400 km from Kolkata. I thank Amit Shah, BL Santosh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi for that,” Sukant said.

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However, political observers (Dilip Ghosh replaced by Sukanta Majumder) do not view Sukantar’s assumption of office as one-sided. Like them, North Bengal is now the only place for the BJP to get oxygen. So the team has chosen Dilip instead of Locket Chatterjee or Debashree Chowdhury. Moreover, Sukanta is also close to the RSS.

However, Dilip Ghosh is also giving due respect to Sukant. “Sukant Majumdar is my captain,” he said as he left his old post today. I will change the state after five years by fighting under his leadership.

But why did the team choose Sukant to have such a strong face? Dilip Ghosh had to move because of the failure of the vote? In his own explanation, Dilip Ghosh said, “It is not always the case that the BJP has changed the perception that a leader will emerge from Kolkata. Our leaders are emerging from a backward society.

Input-Arup Dutt

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