Sukanta Majumdar and Dilip Ghosh: Sukanta Majumdar and Dilip Ghosh are going to Delhi! There is a lot of speculation in the BJP about the meeting

Kolkata: Sukanta Majumdar is visiting Delhi for the first time since becoming the state president of the BJP. According to BJP insiders, he may meet the party’s all-India leadership in Delhi, especially All India President JP Nadda, to discuss possible changes in the state committee. He may even meet Union Home Minister Amit Shah. But in the meantime, the last day of the Bhabanipur By-Poll campaign, Sukant is going to Delhi with the newly ex-state president and BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh and Amitabh Chakraborty, who is in charge of the organization.

This week, Dilip Ghosh was removed from the post of state president after a major reshuffle in the BJP in Bengal. Sukanta Majumdar was appointed in his place. The BJP leadership wants to send a special message within the party by appointing an MP from Balurghat as the state president. Sukanta Majumder started working hard after getting the responsibility.

But Sukant did not go to Delhi after taking over as state president. That episode is going to be completed today. He can go to Delhi and talk to party president JP Naddar about the party’s activities. It remains to be seen whether the BJP will give top leadership to Sukant, who hails from North Bengal. Sources said that the role of the state president in the reshuffle of the BJP’s state committee could also be discussed.

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Since the Assembly vote, Dilip Ghosh has repeatedly said that there will be a change in the party’s state committee. The former president of the BJP in Bengal argued, ‘Since the BJP is now the only opposition party in the state, there is no shortage of working people in our party. That is why everyone should be given deserving dignity and job opportunities. Again, those who did not do enough for the party in the polls also need to be removed from office. Many people think that the BJP’s reshuffle can be done this time. Because at first only Sukant Majumdar was supposed to go to Delhi, but it is known that Dilip Ghosh and Amitabh Chakraborty have also been called. The top leadership can discuss the reshuffle of the party with this trio of Bengal BJP, it seems.

And this is exactly the reason why the old ones are going to be dropped from the new committee, the new faces are about to come, the BJP is now working hard.

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