#Kolkata: Sudden rhythmic fall. From familiar life to unfamiliar life. Gaurbanga College in Malda from Balurghat in south Dinajpur. From there the Parliament of Delhi turns to the highway of Calcutta. Is the circle complete with BJP state president Sukant Majumdar? Sukanta himself does not know. However, the mother of BJP state president Sukanta Majumdar could no longer hold her own after watching a picture of her son being picked up by police on the streets of Kolkata in a ‘chandola’. He called the boy and sat down with a lot of anxiety. However, the boy was then engaged in an argument with the police. As a result, the discomfort and anxiety in the chest had to be counted for a while longer. In the end, the mother and family of the BJP state president were reassured by the news of the boy by calling Sukantar Aptashayak.

Sukanta has been an active member of the student organization ABVP since her student days. Mother Nivedita Chowdhury Majumder. Sangha had an influence on Nivedita Devi. He also used to go to Sangha ceremonies. However, he was not a member of the association. As a result, Sukantar got involved in politics long ago. Assistant Professor of Gaurbanga College, Malda, beyond the boundaries of the college and university. Suddenly, the party nominated him from Balurghat in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. He also won against the Trinamool.

Sukant went to the Delhi Parliament with a temporary break in the professor’s life. So far it was going well with Sukanta or his family. However, the phone call from Delhi on September 19 confused all Sukant’s accounts. The hint was already there. It has been reported from Delhi that he will take over as the state BJP president tomorrow. Correspondence, train to Kolkata at seven in the morning. Which is said to fall from a very hot flat into a pan of boiling oil. As soon as he got the responsibility, Sukanta realized that the “horse of Ashwamedh” appeared before him before the ‘coronation’. He has to show the courage to tie that horse in the unequal battle of Bhabanipur. He was sent to Delhi after setting a target. In a letter of assignment, BL Santosh, All India Secretary (Organization), called Sukant and told him, “We have to take charge of the state. Our only goal now is to fight.”

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As a result, Sukantar had no choice but to move to Bhabanipur as the first battlefield to start fighting under the direction of the top leadership. And, “Dronacharya” Sukanta consciously targeted Mamata Harish Chatterjee Street to carry out the instruction of satisfaction. Sukanta suddenly changed the route with the body and entered Mamata’s house, got involved in a skirmish with the police, sat on the street in protest, finally became a ‘chandola’ in the hands of the police and gave the message of conflict from the very beginning? However, in the midst of all this, political observers are looking at the opposition leader Mamata in the mirror of the past.

However, Sukantar’s political life is just the beginning. And, all this is a matter of political businessmen. Like five other mothers or political families, BJP state president Sukantar Maa and his family had no worries about it. On the contrary, they are rather apprehensive to see this ‘clash’ of the boy on the TV screen from his house in distant Balurghat. Although Sukanta Majumdar did politics from his student days, that politics never crossed the boundaries of the campus. Peroyani Lakshmanrekhao. After becoming a candidate in the 2019 elections, the meeting, the political speech of the moderate boy in the association was another thrill to watch on the TV screen. Sukantar’s mother and her family used to have a picture taken in the balcony of the parliament or in the office of the Prime Minister in one frame.

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But, all of a sudden, the picture of being ‘chandola’ in the hands of the police has shaken Sukantar’s mother and her family, who are hiding in Balurghat. On the one hand, his son Sukantar is worried about his future political life and on the other hand, he is in daily contact with his family due to his new responsibilities. Sukant had to leave home and family to spend time in Delhi to become an MP. Ardhangini was proud of that, especially her younger daughter. Sukant himself has admitted that his daughter and family are most unhappy with the news of taking over as state president. Because, in the interest of the party and the organization, he has to leave his family at Balurghat for a long time and stay in Kolkata, 400 km away. As a result, the girl will be sad not to be near her father. In the same way, the mother will have less opportunity to get her son alone. However, in words, if you want to get something, you have to lose something, maybe that is the purpose of this sacrifice. The next day will tell how far the new state president of the BJP has been able to go towards that goal.

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