Sukanta Majumdar: How did BJP select candidates in Kolkata? Sukant Majumder explained the strategy of the team

#Kolkata: The BJP has approached the High Court again after the notification was issued regarding the Kolkata Municipal Election 2021. The matter was brought to the notice of Chief Justice Pankaj Srivastava on Thursday morning. But that case has not been resolved yet. Therefore, the Gerua camp has to prepare for the polls to prove its opposition on the battlefield in Calcutta. According to BJP sources, the party may release the list of candidates on November 28. In this context, BJP state president Sukanta Majumdar has said that the final decision will be taken by the state leadership of the party.

On this day, he said, “We have already formed a committee for the pre-vote. They are examining all the applications of those who are willing to stand for election. A decision will be taken soon after scrutinizing the report and those who will be nominated from within the party. When the report reaches the state leadership of the party, the final decision will be taken there.

The committee formed by the BJP for Kolkata Municipality is headed by two well-known faces, Priyanka Tibrewal and Rudranil Ghosh. Another committee is headed by BJP leader Tushar Ghosh. BJP state president Sukant Majumder said they would field new and experienced workers in the list of candidates. Strong candidate lists will be made on the basis of balance.

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According to BJP sources, the party has already received more than 500 applications from candidates in 144 wards of the Kolkata polls. According to sources, the new faces in the application, as well as the old men of the party. Besides, in Howrah too, more than 200 applications have been submitted for 50 wards. In addition, more than one hundred biodata has been submitted directly in the application box of the state office. Gerua Shibir wants to give utmost importance to the opinion of the district in selecting candidates in Kolkata pre-poll. It has been asked to make a list of those who can be such worthy candidates who can snatch victory by fighting. Then the final decision will be taken by the state leadership.

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