Sukanta Majumdar in Bhabanipur: Sukanta Majumdar in Bhabanipur! Shan is the new commander with the same ‘weapon’ to bring victory to Priyanka

#Kolkata: Sukanta Majumdar set foot in Bhabanipur on Wednesday as the BJP’s state president. In the Bhabanipur By-Election, BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal was accused of obstructing the campaign from the very beginning. On this day, Sukant Babu started campaigning from Mamata Banerjee’s booth in Bhabanipur. But Sukant Majumder accused the police of obstructing him while campaigning in Ward No. 63. “Now there is no West Bengal Police Service here, now there is West Bengal PC Service,” he said, taunting the police.

Sukanta Majumder started campaigning in Bhabanipur this morning. While campaigning, he said, “Once the BJP has tasted victory over Mamata Banerjee, I will try again.” I have given Mamata Banerjee a taste of defeat once, I will give it again. ‘ But how likely is he to see Priyanka Tibrewal win? The BJP’s new state president remarked, ‘People will vote for Priyanka Tibrewal, relying on Narendra Modi. We are completely optimistic about the victory.

However, former BJP state president Dilip Ghosh was not seen in the campaign. At the beginning of the campaign, the question came to Sukanta Majumdar. However, praising Dilip, he said, ‘Dilip Da is our star campaigner. So is Shuvendu Adhikari. Everyone will come. I am a worker. I started working. Everyone will come one by one. ‘

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Incidentally, the newly-appointed BJP state president started campaigning in front of Mitra Institution School at the crossing of Harish Mukherjee Road and Suhasini Ganguly Road in Ward No. 63. It is in this school that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has voted in every election The BJP’s new state president wanted to challenge Mamata after she started campaigning from there. Not only that, Abhishek Bandyopadhyay’s house is 6 when you take a turn from that place As a result, the political message seems to be clear in the election campaign of the new BJP president in Bhabanipur. However, the way Sukant Majumder made controversial remarks about the police, which was hampered in the middle of the campaign, is going to stir up the state politics again.

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