Sukanta Majumdar in Bhabanipur: Sukanta protests in Mamata Para, with the body of the leader! The heat increased in the voting market

#Kolkata: In the West Bengal Assembly Election 2021, Manas Saha was the BJP candidate for the Mograhat West Assembly constituency. But he was defeated. The BJP candidate died at a private hospital in Thakurpukur on Wednesday morning. While the CBI is investigating the post-poll unrest across the state, the death of a BJP candidate in the Assembly elections has handed over new weapons to the Gerua camp. According to that source, the BJP held a procession with the body of the dead leader in Kalighat, Mamata Banerjee’s neighborhood. The BJP leaders also got involved in clashes with the police.

This is the neighborhood of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, and by-elections will be held in Bhabanipur in a few days. Meanwhile, the BJP procession with the body of the party leader made a noise in Kalighat. BJP leaders clashed with the police, accusing the police of using force and protesting on the streets. Banga BJP leaders tried to go to Mamata Banerjee’s house with the body of party leader Manas Saha. The police stopped them. Even after that, Sukantara started protesting by leaving Manas’ body on the road.

Soon after becoming the BJP state president, Sukanta Majumder got involved in a scuffle with the police while campaigning in Bhabanipur. He also got involved in the debate by calling the police ‘PC police’. And on this day, under the leadership of Sukant, the BJP increased the heat in the voting market of Bhabanipur.

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Incidentally, the wife of the late BJP candidate Manas Saha has alleged that her husband was killed in a premeditated manner. He has also been vocal in demanding a CBI probe. Manas Saha was admitted to a private hospital on Saturday suffering from stomach ailment. The BJP candidate died in the assembly elections there. The incident caused a huge uproar inside the Gerua camp. The BJP alleges that Manas Saha was severely beaten outside the counting center on the day the results were released. He was hit in the head. He was also admitted to Neuro Science for a month. Manasbabu fell ill again on Saturday and was admitted to the hospital. He died there.

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