Sukanta Majumdar in Durga Puja 2021: Sukanta Majumdar in Durga Puja …

#Kolkata: BJP state president Sukanta Majumdar wished the state ‘welfare’ to Pujo Devi Durga. He also wished Shardiya to all the people of the state. Sukanta appeared in the mandapa with his family on the occasion of Ashtami Pujo. There he said, ‘My prayer to Mother Durga is that our state of West Bengal should always maintain peace and order. May political violence be erased from the heart of this state forever. Whether it is a different opinion or a different party, no one should be attacked.

Sukant was a full-fledged ‘family man’ until he became the state president of the BJP. Outside of the political program, the family was his meditation. But the state’s opposition has been busy since becoming state president. Where is the time for the family now! However, since Pujo’s time is also a ‘holiday’ in politics, Sukanta Majumdar also spent time with his family.

The son of the district, so he left Calcutta on the seventh day and left for his place, Balurghat. The ‘son of the house’ has returned home because of Pujo. The BJP state president has set aside a few days for Pujo to visit various mandapas in his area and interact with the people of the area. He is now in charge of the entire state team, but his place is important to everyone.

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Pujo is going on like every time in the neighborhood club friendship cycle. Sukant Babu, his wife, reached there on the morning of Ashtami. After paying homage, the question came to the journalists, ‘What did you want from your mother?’ At that time he spoke of peaceful Bengal.

Sukant Majumdar has also been asked about the closure of the laser show at the Pujo Mandap of the ‘Burj Khalifa’ Sribhumi Sporting Club in Kolkata. The BJP state president commented, “I live close to that area. Nearby airport. So keeping that aspect in mind, everything should follow the rules. Everyone should see to it that one’s happiness does not become another’s sadness. ‘ However, airport and club sources did not agree with that claim. According to the club, the laser light has been turned off to control the crowd.

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