Sukanta Majumdar on Dilip Ghosh: ‘Why not Dilip Da?’ The question at the beginning of the ‘Tiger’s Tent’ campaign, which the new president said …

#Kolkata: Bhabanipur By-Election (Bhabanipur By Poll) Although BJP’s new state president Sukanta Majumdar is optimistic about winning the first battle, the front-runner’s name may be Mamata Banerjee. However, it is alleged that Sukant was obstructed by the police on the very first day of the campaign in Bhabanipur. Sukanta Babu also had a quarrel with the police. However, the question that surrounds Sukant the most this day is, ‘Why is there no Dilip Da?’ Former BJP state president Dilip Ghosh was not seen in Bhabanipur. Sukanta was questioned about that.

However, to avoid controversy and further questions, Sukant Majumder called himself an activist and Dilip Ghosh a ‘star campaigner’. He said, ‘Dilip Da is our star campaigner. I am a worker. Dilip Da, Leader of the Opposition Shuvendu Adhikari are all star campaigners. Everyone will come. I started working. Everyone will come one by one. Everyone in the BJP works together.

When the new state president of the party is saying this, Dilip Ghosh is practically dull. He was not seen in his usual posture that day. After a morning visit to Eco Park, Dilip said, ‘I am here. When you call me, I’ll go. That’s what I said. ‘ The BJP has made Dilip the all-India co-president of the party as a new responsibility. In that context, Dilip also said, ‘I will do the responsibility that will be given to me in the post given to me at the all-India level. Naddaji will inform me about that responsibility.

Soon after handing over the charge of state president, Sukanta Majumdar on Dilip Ghosh said, “I will start from where Dilip Ghosh left off.” At the same time, Sukant added, “Dilip Ghosh’s name will be written in gold letters in the history of the BJP as the state president.”

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Incidentally, a dramatic reshuffle has taken place in the Bengal BJP overnight. Many political observers have speculated. Dilip Ghosh has been named as one of the BJP’s all-India vice-presidents. And Sukant Majumder is the state president. “It is possible for the BJP to give such a job to an ordinary worker 400 km from Kolkata. I thank Amit Shah, BL Santosh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi for that,” Sukant said. But after all, the discussion about Dilip Ghosh has not stopped. Dilip Ghosh lost his position then hurt? The political circles are looking for the answer to this question.

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