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Sukanta Majumdar on KMC Election 2021, Kolkata Purvote BJP – News18 Bangla


#NewDelhi: State BJP president and MP Sukanta Majumdar (Sukanta Majumdar on KMC Election 2021) met reporters in Delhi on Tuesday. Responding to a question about the post-poll violence, lack of protection of women and Mamata Banerjee government on a number of issues as well as the frustration of some party leaders and workers over not being able to contest in Kolkata polls, Sukanta Majumdar said, “Everyone wants to be a candidate.” “But only one will get the ticket, not everyone will get it. Naturally many are saddened. The party will talk to them. They are party workers. They are party supporters. Many may have been eligible, for some reason did not get tickets. (Sukanta Majumdar on KMC Election 2021)

Sukant Majumder expressed his indignation over the post-poll violence. Asking the state government and police to take appropriate legal action, he said, “Even after the results of the assembly elections in West Bengal, BJP activists are still being persecuted.

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The BJP state president has also joined hands with the government of mother earth people for the protection of women. In his words, “Unfortunately, the girls of Bengal are not safe even after getting ‘Kanyashree’. Women are not safe in Bengal. A college student has been attacked with a blade in Falakata after being rejected in love.”

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On the other hand, 12 MPs have been suspended from the Rajya Sabha on the first day of the winter session of Parliament. Among them are two grassroots women MPs. In this context, BJP state president Sukant Majumder questioned the role of the Trinamool Shibir. He said, “It is a great shame that 12 MPs have been suspended from the Rajya Sabha, two of whom are women MPs from Bengal.” Recently, the rift between the Congress and the grassroots in national politics has widened. Even if no one says anything directly, no camp is lacking in explaining their position. When Sukant Majumder was asked about this, he said it was their own problem. There may be disagreements between them, but each of them has the same secret intentions.

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