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Sukanta Majumdar on Krishna Kalyani and Debashree Chowdhury Clash: Breaking up with MLAs Sukant Majumdar’s remarks ‘a matter of concern’


#Raiganj: The state has not come to power, in the meantime one push after another in the BJP. Earlier, four MLAs including Mukul Roy left the party. Apart from them, Babul Supriya has joined the grassroots with a big surprise. On Friday, the BJP was pushed again This time Raiganj MLA Krishna Kalyani (Krishna Kalyani Leaves BJP) left the party Though he has not yet joined the grassroots, the Raiganj MLA has announced his resignation from the BJP, venting his anger against Raiganj MP Debashree Chowdhury. In this situation, the new BJP state president Sukanta Majumdar is worried as the party continues to break up again. Apart from Krishna Kalyani’s party and his clash with Debashree Chowdhury, the new state BJP commander has expressed the same concern.

Regarding Krishna Kalyani’s resignation on Friday, Sukant Majumder said, ‘In Raiganj, our MP Debashree Chowdhury and the MLA of that area have left the party. This disagreement between a MLA and an MP, such talk is a matter of concern. However, Sukant has made it clear that strict action will be taken against him. Incidentally, Krishna Kalyani attacked Debashree Chowdhury as Mir Jafar while leaving the party. Palta Debashree alleged that the MLA left the party for his own interest. Now looking for excuses to go to the grassroots.

However, the BJP disciplinary committee has already made a show cause to the Raiganj MLA on charges of anti-party activities. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari has also demanded the resignation of Krishna Kalyani from the post of MLA. The MLA, however, alleged that the Raiganj MP was conspiring against him. However, Debashree claimed that the BJP would not be harmed if the MLAs left the party. Rather, it was as expected. He has not yet said whether Krishna Kalyani will leave the BJP and join the Trinamool (TMC). However, those close to the MLA are pointing in the same direction Kanaiyalal Agarwa, president of the Trinamool Congress in Uttar Dinajpur, did not want to say anything about his return to the grassroots after the Raiganj MLA left the party.

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However, the new BJP state president Sukant Majumder is worried without the party of one MLA after another. The state BJP welcomed Sukant Majumder on the day. However, former state president Dilip Ghosh was not present at the event. Sukant Majumder said, “We are talking to the MLAs. Party interests are much bigger to us than personal interests. We follow the principles and norms. So I am requesting everyone to think about the interests of the party and work together. And with that ‘request’ of the state president, speculation is growing in the state BJP. So is the Gerua camp fearing further disintegration?

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