Sukanta Majumder | Dilip Ghosh: Sukantar district traveler from tomorrow, the charioteer of that chariot is Dilip Ghosh! That question arises

#Kolkata: The first district trip. BJP’s new state president Sukant Majumder is going to start this first district tour with alumnus Dilip Ghosh. Many questions are arising naturally!

As domestic squabbles erupted in the districts after the vote crisis, speculation has started in the BJP about the plan to visit Sukantar district. So is this plan to present a picture of the unity of the state leadership in front of the district organization? Or the plan of the district tour with Dilip to gain the confidence of Dilip’s followers in the district organization?

However, part of the BJP is talking about these critics. Because Sukant himself openly said that Dilip Ghosh is the most successful state president of the state BJP. The newly elected state president Sukantar cannot be compared with him. After taking the baton from Dilip’s hand, he has to read everything compared to Dilip. As a result, if Dilip is taken on a district tour to be successful, the profit in the end is easy.

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Sukant Kal is starting this district tour tomorrow. With Birbhum. Sukant is starting with Birbhum to target Anubrat before the pre-poll. Then one by one Burdwan, Kateya, Bankura, Medinipur 7 Sukanta will visit several districts of South Bengal. Sources said Dilip Ghosh will be accompanying him on the tour. If there is no sudden change, visit the district till the 30th at this stage. After that he will go to North Bengal.

It is to be noted that Dilip Ghosh himself suggested the name Sukantar as his alternative. He will now show that Sukant around the district. So is Dilip voluntarily leaving some space for Naveen? Dilip Ghosh, who was reluctant to take the matter seriously, said, “This is the tradition of our party. The newcomers have to be brought forward. And it is the responsibility of the elders.

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