#Kolkata: Dilip Ghosh’s theory of getting gold in cow’s milk was practically supported by the party’s new state president Sukanta Majumdar. His explanation was that the opposition parties had exaggerated what Dilip Ghosh had said about getting gold in cow’s milk. The Trinamool Congress has slammed the statement of BJP’s new state president (BJP new West Bengal president Sukanta Majumdar). Trinamool MP Sukhendushekhar Roy quipped, “BJP is a team of cattle scientists.”

In November 2019, Dilip Ghosh, the newly ex-president of the BJP, claimed, “The characteristic of Indian cows is that they have a golden share in their milk, so the color of the milk is a little yellow. The hump of the cow has a golden pulse in it When the sun shines there, gold is made from it So Jersey should not be worshiped with cow’s milk. ‘ Dilip Ghosh’s statement caused a great deal of controversy at that time Although Dilip 7 is adamant in his statement Dilip Ghosh’s theory of getting gold in cow’s milk has come up again and again in recent political debates.

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On Monday, the BJP abruptly replaced Dilip Ghosh with Sukanta Majumdar Supports Dilip Ghosh as the state president. After getting the responsibility, Balurghat MP praised his predecessor He even told Dilip Ghosh’s theory of getting gold in cow’s milk

“It’s not a matter of support or disapproval,” Sukant said The matter has been presented differently At that time, a paper was published in an international journal on the existence of gold in Indian cow’s milk I also read it at that time That is what Dilipada said Those of us who are political opponents exaggerate this issue Iron is made in the body by eating food This does not mean that you will build a house with that iron TMT bar I welcome everyone’s criticism, but it is better to read and criticize a little ‘

Trinamool has also ridiculed the new state president of the BJP Commenting on Sukant Majumdar’s remarks on gold in cow’s milk, Trinamool MP Sukhendushekhar Roy said, “Their whole team is a team of cow scientists. Those who will believe it ‘

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