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Summoning two businessmen of Birbhum in cattle smuggling case, what is their role? – News18 Bangla


# Amit Sarkar, Kolkata: The CBI has summoned two businessmen from Birbhum in a cattle smuggling case. This week, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) ordered the production of business documents and income tax, bank account information and documents.

According to CBI sources, the two traders are involved in the management of cattle markets in different parts of Birbhum. The CBI got information about the two businessmen after interrogating several people including Enamul Haque in the case.

According to sources, information about the two traders was matched during the interrogation of the captured Saigal last week. The two traders were found to be involved with the traffickers. According to the investigation, the two were responsible for arranging for the traffickers to be able to make transactions at various cattle markets in Birbhum in a proper manner. In that case, the two businessmen also acted as intermediaries in exchange for big money, the Central Investigation Team has learned.

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Investigators believe that they have a significant role in illegal investment. Because the two traders have come in contact with many influential people while arranging cattle market. So the CBI wants to reach the door of those influential people by interrogating them.

Saigal Hossain, a bodyguard of Anubrat Mandal, was arrested last week in a case of cattle smuggling. The Central Investigation Agency is interrogating him while keeping him in their custody. Earlier, the CBI had questioned a businessman and rice mill owner close to Anubrat Mandal. Anubrat Mandal himself has faced the Central Investigation Agency. All in all, the CBI has stepped up its efforts in the trafficking case.

According to sources, the CBI is also going to summon two inspectors of Birbhum district. Basically, according to the investigation so far, cows have entered Murshidabad and Malda from Jharkhand using Birbhum soil. From there it reached Bangladesh again. And the BSF and part of the state police have helped in this smuggling, such is the allegation.

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