The CBI has again issued notice to Anubrat Mandal over the post-poll violence. Tomorrow, on Sunday, the CBI summoned him to the CGO complex. BJP activist Gaurab Sarkar was beaten to death in Birbhum’s Ilambazar on May 2. The CBI issued a third notice in this regard. Violence after the vote on the one hand, on the other hand, gang trafficking, the pair fell under pressure Anubrat! He was also instructed to appear at 5:30 pm on that day. However, Anubrat’s lawyer Sanjeev Kumar Dam said that the Trinamool leader had given the details to the CBI officials in a letter soon after he was admitted to the hospital. This time too he will inform everything with such a letter. The doctor will also give details of what he has instructed Anubrat Mandal.

On Saturday, his lawyer left for Nizam Palace in Anubrat Mandal’s car. On the other hand, two persons appeared at the house of Anubrat Mandal on behalf of CBI. As soon as his lawyer left, a CBI officer from Salt Lake CGO Complex came to Anubrat’s house.

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